Background: Astro Coffee
EST. 2012 | CLIENT SINCE: 2012

Astro Coffee

“DDF is a great partner!” – Dai Hughs, Owner

Prior to returning to Detroit in 2008, Astro Coffer owner Dai Hughs served coffee in some of the world’s great cities including, London and Sydney to name a few. Open since July 2011, Astro Coffee has become a beacon to coffee lovers as well as a great place for neighborhood residents to meet & relax. The shop, located at 2124 Michigan Avenue in the heart of Corktown, sources its beans from roasters around the country. In addition to espresso drinks and individually drip-brewed cups of coffee, Astro offers cakes, scones and other sweets, as well as fresh sandwiches prepared by his wife/partner Jess Hicks.

Photo Credit: Dave Lewinski