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Ace Investment Group

In 2003, Moses Shepherd, a perpetual entrepreneur, decided to read a few real estate books and purchase his first property. After remodeling the house, he was able to sell it quickly for a profit. A year later, Mr. Shepherd founded Ace Investment Group, which has purchased over 100 properties and has 7 full-time employees.  Due to changes in the real estate market, Mr. Shepherd now purchases properties and keeps them as rentals. Since 2007, Detroit Development Fund has been instrumental in his success by providing him with the first developer line of credit, which he uses to fund down payments on new properties. This year he is expanding his business by purchasing a Servpro franchise.


“I called and got [a DDF lender], which is an excellent contact. She makes it all happen for me. She totally understands my business and that’s the great part of it." 

– Moses Shepherd, CEO

Moses Shepherd-01_i.jpg

“I saw the vision that [DDF] had and the things that they were trying to do and it went hand in hand. It was a very easy process. I hope to be with them for years to come."

– Moses Shepherd, CEO


Photo Credit: Dave Lewinski

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