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Daughters Convenience Store

Marlene Brooks the owner of Daughters Convenience Store is in a historical landmark building in Downtown Detroit that has a number of long-time tenants that live in the building. She is optimistic that people are coming back to downtown to live and work so that we can keep expanding our product line. She said that it has been extremely helpful to have the resources of the Detroit Development Partnership in helping her with the everyday operations of inventory control and running the operation.

The store was opened in 2013 and Marlene is an example of adding back into the city the kind of services and stores it once had. She is extremely hopeful that she will grow, add new products and new customers as the folks in the building continue to multiply.

“I was so new to business I appreciated the relationship. They were helpful to us through inventory purchase and getting the store up and running. My advice to owners: think to the future and what you need to sustain you. You have to have enough cushion to cover unseen circumstances.”


– Marlene Brooks

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